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01.01.09»  Happy New Year everyone. Lots of project happening here. First we have "Sons of Legends," a new twist on the whole Super Hero genre. I will post some clips to this series as soon as possible, keep an eye out. This series is produced and written by Sergio Willis who has asked us to direct, film, edit, and do all the visual effects for his show. Next we have the very soon release of "Raising Cleveland," on DVD for everyone. We also are finally working on a few music videos this first quarter, along with the eagerly awaited "Military Series."

08.19.08»  Great news! Our movie RAISING CLEVELAND, is going to be viewed at this years Phoenix Fear Film Festival in Chandler Arizona! The screening will be around 1:30pm on August 30th. If you're in the area, please stop by and support us!

I just want to thank all of our visitors for bearing with us while we restructure our website.










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Here is a teaser we made for a now dead idea we had for an online series we created. Who knows, maybe things will come back to save it.

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     A recent video project is this promo video for our friends at MAGFLUX.  This is a glimpse of what they are about as well as a sneak peak of what their new documentary will look like.
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My full movie RAISING CLEVELAND™ is now available right here on WELUVMOVIES.com. Click below to watch


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